Amigos de Milwaukee
United States
At our August 15 meeting, we welcomed Eric Tillich, President & CEO of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (WCM). Eric gave an outstanding presentation on all of the wonderful programs WCM does for MPS and the community at large. The mission and vision of WCM aligns perfectly with ours!   Eric provided an excellent opportunity for us to get involved!
On the weekend of September 22-24, WCM is having an instrument drive. People will be donating "gently used" instruments to a number of drop-off centers in the Metro area. 
We currently have members signed up for the Friday, September 22, 3:30-5:30 PM shift at the Bayside site .  Other dates and times available.  Sign up and join the fun.  Open to non-members.
     To sign up to  volunteer, click on the link, scroll down a bit, and then follow the prompts:  http://www.wcmusic.org/instrument-drive/