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2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston

The event will bring more than 20,000 participants from around the world and deliver $30 million in local economic impact

HOUSTON (July 22, 2021) – During a joint news conference held at George R. Brown Convention Center today, Rotary and Houston First Corporation representatives announced that more than 20,000 service-minded people from around the world will gather in Houston for Rotary’s 113th annual international convention on June 4-8, 2022.

The coveted international event is returning to Houston for the third time, marking the 50th anniversary of the 1972 international convention. The Bayou City also hosted the 5th Rotary convention in 1914. The event is expected to deliver $30 million in economic impact for the city’s hotels, restaurants, retailers and attractions.

“As a global membership organization that brings people from all continents and cultures together to share, learn and take action to bring positive and lasting change to communities around the world, we are thrilled that our first in-person international convention since 2019 will take place in Houston,” said Rotary’s International President Shekhar Mehta. “And for the first time ever, our annual event will be open to members of the public who want to connect, learn and be a part of our work to grow and change lives.”

Rotary’s 2022 international convention will transform the George R. Brown Convention Center into an energized hub and cultural mosaic as the organization’s global network of volunteers gather to share information about all the ways they are taking action to address issues in their communities, to learn from notable experts, gain inspiration from world-class speakers, and connect with lifelong friends shaped through service.

Previous convention speakers include philanthropist Bill Gates; actor and philanthropist Ashton Kutcher; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; actor, producer, host, entrepreneur, WWE Superstar and Rotary polio ambassador, John Cena; renowned primatologist Jane Goodall; and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young.

Organized by Rotary International in conjunction with the Houston Host Organization Committee of local Rotary members, registrants of the convention will also experience Houston’s hospitality with visits to local destinations  like Space Center Houston, Kemah Boardwalk and one of Houston’s premiere shopping destinations, The Galleria. Click here to register for Rotary’s International Convention.

“Houston and Houston First Corporation are thrilled to host Rotary’s International Convention next summer,” said Jorge Franz, Senior Vice President Tourism and Industry Relations at Houston First Corporation & Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau’s president. “We look forward to welcoming the thousands of awesome Rotary members who through their volunteerism and commitment to problem-solving make our communities better from continent to continent. This global exposure to 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide will further elevate Houston as a travel destination, and the anticipated $30 million economic impact from the convention will be a financial shot in the arm for Houston hotels, restaurants, retailers, attractions and many more.”

Houston Host Organization Committee chair, Rhonda Kennedy, representing 62 Houston-area clubs and its 2,400 members, said, “as a proud member of the Rotary Club of Sweeny, I am excited not only to welcome our fellow members from around the world to our beloved city, but also to show how Houston-area clubs are taking action to make the world a better place at home and abroad.”

With the safety and wellbeing of participants and the wider community a top priority, Rotary’s previous two conventions were held virtually due to the global pandemic. Speaking during the press conference, John Smarge, chair of Rotary’s International Convention Committee, said, “this convention will also have a virtual component to make the event accessible to all members. And as we continue our planning, we will work closely with global and national health authorities to ensure that our in-person event follows the most current health and safety guidelines.”

About Rotary: Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 36,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work improves lives at both the local and international levels, from helping those in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world.For more information, visit Rotary.org

    The Council on Resolutions meets online each year. Representatives from all of Rotary’s districts vote on resolutions proposed by clubs, districts, the RI Board of Directors, and the General Council or Conference of RIBI, as well as urgent enactments proposed by the RI Board. The RI Board will consider all resolutions that the Council adopts. Adopted urgent enactments amend Rotary’s constitutional documents. Learn more about the Council on Resolutions.
    Angela Rester, District 6270 Governor 1998-99 and Founder of Rotary Club Milwaukee Amigos After Hours is the District 6270 Council on Resolutions / Council on Legislation 2020-2022 Representative and Dan Christianson is the alternate.  Angie self-funded her opportunity to be an observer in 2004 and loves this "promise" of Rotary always being a "bottom-up" organization....plus she's and organizational structure and by-laws "nerd"!
    Any Rotary club wishing a program on the Council on Resolutions / Council on Legislation is invited to contact Angie.  Click here
    2021 Council on Resolutions: 15-Oct to 01-Nov
    Item no.
    To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to amend RI Bylaws section 4.080. and Article 10, Section 1(d) of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution to ensure the consistency of these two provisions View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 386
    No: 90
    To request the RI Board to consider amending the Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws to encourage clubs to invite the people and organizations that have benefited from their support to their meetings View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 256
    No: 220
    To request the RI Board to consider placing a renewed emphasis upon club meetings and providing governors with strategies to encourage attendance View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 277
    No: 204
    To request the RI Board to consider urging all governors to encourage clubs to acknowledge that personal service enhances the integrity of Rotarians View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 261
    No: 216
    To request the RI Board to consider replacing the annual presidential theme with the permanent theme of “Service Above Self” View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 181
    No: 296
    To request the Trustees to consider creating management groups to support club and district service projects View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 121
    No: 354
    To request the RI Board to consider expanding Rotary’s collaboration with other non-profit partners into a worldwide network for service projects View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 251
    No: 225
    To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation waiving the annual fee and per capita dues of any Rotaractor who transfers to the sponsor Rotary club View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 209
    No: 271
    To request the RI Board to consider recommending that each district establish a district Council on Legislation committee  View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 169
    No: 306
    To request the RI Board to consider including the vocational committee at the district levelView detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 269
    No: 209
    To request the RI Board to consider amending the minimum selection criteria for assistant governors View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 136
    No: 341
    To request the RI Board consider eliminating the role of assistant coordinator View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 206
    No: 268
    To request the RI Board to consider establishing a Vocational Service Committee View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 225
    No: 241
    To request the RI Board to consider ensuring that at least 30 percent of future Rotary Foundation Trustees are women, and set a goal to have a female chair of The Rotary Foundation View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 185
    No: 289
    To request the RI Board to consider officially recognizing Rotary Kids as a structured program of RI View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 181
    No: 295
    To request the RI Board to consider setting an upper age limit of 35 for membership in a Rotaract club View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 263
    No: 213
    To request the RI Board to consider changing Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to Rotary Youth Leadership Academy View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 357
    No: 118
    To request the RI Board to consider changing the Interact club application deadline for a Rotary Citation View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 356
    No: 114
    To request the Trustees to consider amending the fourth area of focus to include senior health View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 261
    No: 213
    To request the Trustees to consider incorporating “diagnosis” into the Areas of Focus Policy Statements View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 282
    No: 194
    To request the RI Board to consider setting environmental goals for the organization View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 205
    No: 270
    To request the RI Board to consider adopting “Clean and Safe Water for Everyone” after polio eradication View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 208
    No: 269
    To request the RI Board to consider conducting a ten-year worldwide campaign to raise awareness of water as a natural resource View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 238
    No: 236
    To request the Trustees to consider overseeing the creation of a special fund called Responsible Management of Urban Waste View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 131
    No: 345
    To request the RI Board to consider adding an environmental impact statement to enactments View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 235
    No: 242
    To request the Trustees to consider amending the terms for Rotary Foundation grants to permit the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 232
    No: 242
    To request the RI Board to consider requesting governors to create a civil protection directorate for emergency and disaster relief View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 133
    No: 343
    To request the RI Board to consider encouraging all Rotarians to oppose the growing problem of modern-day slavery View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 318
    No: 151
    To request the RI Board to consider endorsing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 214
    No: 261
    To request the RI Board to consider ensuring that the Rotary brand is adequately protected and that there is no association of the brand with firearms or ammunition View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 294
    No: 180
    To request the RI Board to consider being more flexible on the definition of ‘political ’View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 194
    No: 276
    To request the RI Board to consider providing training on polio eradication and PolioPlus to incoming governors View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 266
    No: 210
    To request the Trustees to change the allocation of the District Designated Fund and the World Fund View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 207
    No: 264
    To request the RI Board to consider adopting five goals to further develop the organization View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 153
    No: 318
    To request the RI Board to consider providing a virtual meeting platform to supplement in-person attendance at certain events View detailed item (PDF)
    Adopted Yes: 292
    No: 187
    To request the RI Board to consider obtaining an internationally recognized certification of its administration View detailed item (PDF)
    Rejected Yes: 162
    No: 312
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    ATTENTION All Rotarians - Rotary International All-Member Survey FAQ
    What is the goal of the all-member survey?
    The all-member survey allows Rotary to learn about our members and their membership experiences so we can continue to build a stronger Rotary. It will ask about your satisfaction with your Rotary membership, your club and its activities, the costs and value of membership, and your interests.
    Who will receive the all-member survey?
    The annual all-member survey will be sent to all Rotaractors and Rotarians who have given us an active email address and have not opted out of receiving emails from Rotary. This includes Rotary members in Germany who Rotary can now survey without violating GDPR.
    How can I make sure I receive the all-member survey?
    Go to My Rotary to add or update your email address (https://my.rotary.org/profile/me) by 1 November. Club leaders can also update membership information (https://my-cms.rotary.org/en/document/how-add-member?embed=true) until 1 November.
    To update your communication preferences, including opting out of receiving emails from Rotary International, go to https://my.rotary.org/en/account/settings and click on Manage Newsletter Subscriptions under “Services.”
    When will the all-member survey be distributed?
    A link to the survey will be emailed to members around 8 November.
    Why is Rotary sending the all-member survey during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    It’s important for us to learn about our members’ experiences, including during a global pandemic. We also want to learn whether COVID-19 has affected the club experience.
    How long will it take to complete the all-member survey?
    It should take approximately 15 minutes.
    How long will the survey be open?
    The survey will be open until mid-December. How will the results from the all-member survey be used? Understanding who our members are and getting their opinions is vital to Rotary’s Action Plan and strategic initiatives. Responses to the survey will help us understand what new and longtime members want and expect from their membership experience so we can make sure to meet those expectations.
    When will the all-member survey results be available?
    The results will become available in February or March. How often does Rotary conduct the all-member survey? The all-member survey is sent to all current and active Rotarians and Rotaractors annually, usually in October or November.
    Why didn’t I receive the all-member survey?
    If you didn’t receive the all-member survey, there are a few possible reasons. The survey could be in your junk, spam, or clutter folder, or we might not have your current email address in our records, or you may have opted out of receiving email communications from Rotary.
    Can I still take the survey if I didn’t get the link?
    If you didn’t receive a link to the survey after 1 November but want to participate, email surveys@rotary.org.
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